At-Home Elderly Care in Los Angeles

We will coordinate with your physician to provide optimal care.
At Colonial Hospice, we have found that at-home care provides immense benefits for the elderly. Instead of having to relocate to a new and unfamiliar environment, they have the option of receiving personalized, compassionate care from the comfort of their own homes. We specialize in at-home elderly care in Los Angeles, sending out trained and experienced caregivers to ensure that you or your loved ones receive quality general and palliative care. We come to you and your loved ones to provide quality care that matters.

What Can Our Elderly Care Professionals Provide?

Our elderly care experts provide a broad range of services, such as:
  • Adapting the home environment to make it safer and more accessible
  • Assisting with daily activities, including bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting
  • Monitoring medical conditions and providing medication reminders
  • Providing emotional support and companionship
  • Managing housekeeping and laundry
  • Arranging transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Providing insight and suggestions on elderly safety practices
  • Coordinating with other healthcare professionals and family members

The Benefits of At-Home Care

At-home elderly care can offer you or your loved one a number of advantages compared to similar care offered in a facility or care center. Some of the benefits of choosing Colonial Hospice can include:
  • Maintaining independence: greater independence can be a key factor for many people for retaining a vital sense of self and dignity.
  • Keeping familiar surroundings: rather than relocating to a new environment, you or your loved ones may receive care in a place you know, one tied to your memories and values.
  • Increased comfort and security: home simply is a more comfortable place for many people than a hospice facility. Your furnishings are your own, and you are used to them, so why not let care come to you as well?
  • An improved sense of well-being: Care centers can almost impact how a person feels about themself. But we all feel best when at home, continuing to engage in the tasks and activities that make for quality of life.
We understand your elderly loved one’s situation is unique and their needs are individualized. We tailor our approach to each individual’s personal situation, needs, health, and environment.

Palliative Care that Comes to You

At Colonial Hospice, we provide exceptional palliative care in the comfort and safety of your home. Our goal is to keep elderly loved ones comfortable so that they can live their life to the fullest. We provide an individualized plan based on our elderly care experts’ assessment of your elderly loved one’s needs, and it includes:
  • Symptom control
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Supportive care
  • Risk assessment and prevention of complications
  • Psychological and social support

Schedule an In-Home Assessment

Call us or use our online form to learn more about our at-home care options and set up an in-home assessment. One of our care experts will come out to you, ready to discuss your care needs and find the best ways to meet them. We look forward to doing our part in ensuring you or your loved one receives quality at-home elderly care.