Medical Equipment and Supplies in Los Angeles

We assist and help you acquire your medical equipment and supplies.
The importance of medical equipment and supplies cannot be underestimated. Managing conditions and ailments can be a challenge at the best of times, and gathering the right supplies can range from worrisome to outright difficult for many patients. That is why Colonial Hospice is proud to offer personalized help for gathering and using medical equipment and supplies in Los Angeles at home.

How Can Our Care Professionals Help With Medical Equipment?

The first step is ensuring that you or your loved one manages to gather the exact equipment needed. Navigating medical supplies can be complicated, so our staff is ready to help with their extensive knowledge of the industry. We work with you to determine how to best obtain the exact supplies you need so you can focus on yourself. But getting the right machines and equipment is only the first step, so we also provide staff to teach you how to operate and use your equipment to get the most out of it. Additionally, we also send staff to your home to maintain your equipment and ensure that everything remains in full working order.

The Benefits of At-Home Medical Supply Assistance

While gathering and maintaining your medical equipment is possible on your own, it can be highly beneficial to let experts handle it for you. Some of these benefits can include:
  • Ensuring you get the right equipment without any hassle
  • Your equipment & supplies will be monitored for function and staying up-to-date
  • Learn from experienced caregivers how to best utilize your equipment
  • Have supervision when learning to use your equipment to eliminate the chance of error
  • Freeing up time to focus on what matters most to you

Assistance for Medical Supplies that Comes to You

Colonial Hospice works to ensure that you can gather your equipment, learn to use it, and benefit from its use all from the comfort of your home. Our mission works with a focus on allowing patients and your loved ones to enjoy the familiar and secure environment of home while still having access to the medical equipment they need.

At-Home Medical Equipment Assistance Makes a Difference

With a caregiver from Colonial Hospice, you and your loved ones can count on having a hassle-free experience with medical equipment and supplies. At every stage of the process, our staff member will be ready to assist, facilitating smooth and efficient care. Since we come to you, there is no need to leave the comfort of your home while still obtaining every supply or piece of equipment needed to maintain your health.

Schedule an In-Home Assessment

If you or a loved one is at the stage of needing to gather medical equipment or supplies, then Colonial Hospice is ready to help. You can start by calling us or using our online form to set up an in-home assessment. We will send an experienced staff member out to you to discuss your needs and take the first steps in ensuring you receive the care you need.