What to Consider When Choosing Hospice Programs

In some cases, patients’ conditions may reach a point where they can no longer benefit from treatments. Or, it could also be that they have chosen to discontinue seeking treatments. When these occur, hospice care can offer support since it emphasizes the care, comfort, and quality of life of a person in a critical condition and who is approaching the end of his or her life.

We understand that deciding to avail of hospice programs couldn’t be tougher. That is why we put our best efforts into providing our clients with the most ideal conditions during these times.

Here at Colonial Hospice Care, Inc., part of our responsibility being a provider of hospice care in California is to offer support to families in need by making vital information accessible.

With that, here are questions to ask when selecting from different hospice programs in your area:

  • Is the hospice program Medicare-certified?
  • Who makes up the hospice care team, and what are their training processes?
  • How are pain and other symptoms managed?
  • What services are offered to the family? What bereavement services are available?
  • Are hospice costs covered by insurance or other sources, like Medicare?

Here, we believe everyone should have equal access to care, no matter what their circumstances are. You won’t have to compromise your loved one’s care because we offer free hospice services!

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