Signs Your Loved One Needs Hospice Care

While the advancement of medicine in recent years has helped the sick heal, recover, or manage their illnesses to live longer, and happier lives, it can only take us so far.

Here are some signs that indicate your senior’s need for Hospice Home Care, take a look:

  • Frequent hospitalizations or admissions to the ER
  • Recurring infections
  • A rapid decline in health over the past six months despite consistent medication
  • Uncontrollable pain, nausea, or vomiting
  • Inability to perform daily tasks of living, such as bathing, walking, and eating

Don’t misunderstand. Hospice Care in California is not about dying or losing hope in living. It’s about choosing a comfortable way to live with the time your loved one has left. Hospice care focuses more on reducing pain among patients, rather than finding an active cure to their disease, so they can spend their remaining days as happy as possible and with the company of family members. Time is essential for them, and hospice care providers value that. This is why they ensure that loved ones are given the care they deserve before their end of life.

But what if my senior’s health starts to improve again? Don’t worry, you always have the option to end our Free Hospice Services and get back to “normal” with Elderly Care in Los Angeles.

What matters is that your senior is able to get the care they need at their current stage in life. If you have more questions about hospice care or are interested in our services, give Colonial Hospice Care, Inc. a call at 818-861-7671 or 833-623-3091 to get in touch.