Your Companion Through Personal and Medical Care

Caring for the elderly is a difficult task if not properly planned and given thought to. We need to constantly check and monitor their movements and behavior in order for us to track their progress. Keeping them company throughout the rest of their lives requires a good balance of time management and working with a partner Hospice Care in California to ensure they live comfortably.

Colonial Hospice Care, Inc. offers Elderly Care in Los Angeles with a dedicated and compassionate staff of volunteers and social workers ready to provide a wide range of services from personal assistance with daily living, medical care and counseling, assistance with medical equipment, and supplies, and companionship. We strive to craft a care plan that caters to an individual’s needs and gives them the best quality of care that they can experience.

Let’s work together and ensure that the delivery of quality Hospice Home Care to our elders is met and the emotional and physical needs supported by their families and loved ones, making them feel at ease with their lives knowing they have a companion by their side.

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